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Making Something Beautiful in 30 Minutes for 30 Dollars (Part 2)

As I promised here are the How To construction details and my Supply List for making my Butterfly Window Pane Wreath. 

The Butterfly Window Pane Wreath
adding much needed Color and
Curb Appeal to my front door area.

Supply List:

1-Old Window Pane
1-Metal sculpture or Center Piece
1-Gerbera Daisy Silk Flower stem
1-Holly Hock Silk Flower stem
1-Stem Greenery
1 yard- 2.5" wide Wired Wedding Ribbon
18"- 1/8" wide Diamond Braid Synthetic Cord
4- 18 gauge Floral Stem Wires
Needle Nose Pliers
Hot Glue Gun
2-1" Wood Screws
12- Blue/Green colored Flat Glass Stones

Step 1:  Attach the metal sculpture to the wooden window pane.  I used three of the floral stem wires.  It was easiest to lay the metal face down on a table then lay the window pane on top.  Then I could secure the metal to the wood window frame using the floral stem wire and needle nose pliers to tighten and snip the extra wire off.

Step 2:  Take a few leaves off of one of the greenery stems.  Save for a later step.  Arrange and attach both stems of flowers to the greenery bundle with one of the floral stem wires.

Step 3:  Now attach these floral items to the Window Pane.  I bent the stems so that they would lie flat against the lower part of the frame and I could wrap more floral stem wire to secure them.  Do not worry about the wire showing, the ribbon will cover it up.

Step 4:  Use about 36" of wired ribbon and make a double bow. Attach with some Hot Glue to the Window Pane to cover the area where the wire to hold the flowers shows.  Be sure to leave a long tail of wired ribbon to use for the flowing piece that wraps under and around the butterfly metal sculpture.  When placing the flowing piece of ribbon I let the ribbon fall naturally.  Secure in place with Hot Glue.

Step 5: I used 4 flat glass stones for accents on each of the large butterfly wings by Hot Gluing them to the metal.

Step 6:  Screw in 2-1" wood screws in the back to attach to about 18" of synthetic cord to hang the wreath.  I also put some Hot Glue on the knots of the cord because it is made from a slippery material.  Then cut about 24" of Wired Ribbon and wrapped it around the cording covering it completely.

Step 7:  Use a hook to support the Window Pane.  Hang and Enjoy!

HELPFUL HINTS:  I did look for sales and Internet and Newspaper store coupons to save money.  Also, checked through your art supply stash to make sure you do not duplicate any supplies that are already on hand.

UR-TURN:  Share one of your favorite craft projects that you were able to reuse or repurpose found objects.

Until Next Time.

Many Blessings,

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to keep, and a time to throw away;"  Ecclesiastes 3: 1, 6

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