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"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."Colossians 3:23


Creating Something Beautiful in 30 Minutes with 30 Dollars (Part 1)

As an artist I am really bothered if my environment does not reflect creativity.  I love surrounding myself inside and outside my art studio with colorful, beautiful and sometimes whimsical objects.  In doing this I feel more energized and ready to work making art.

Inspiration came this time to make something to spruce up my homes front door area.  There was a blank spot on the brick wall that was calling out for something bright, colorful, and fun.


So I got to thinking about what objects I already had on hand.  One that came to mind was an old window pane frame I had kept in my art studio.  It was a remnant from building my greenhouse a few years ago.  Perfect, I would turn it into some type of wreath to hang in this area.

Here it is, the finished product hanging by my front door adding the pop of color this area so desperately needed for more curb appeal.


I will post tomorrow all of the supplies I used and construction details of this piece hopefully encouraging you to make your own unique piece of art.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Look around and see what you can recycle, repurpose and reuse in some new way.  Those items usually make the most interesting and creative pieces to decorate your home or work area.  I even enlist my neighbors and friends in this endeavor.  I always tell them before throwing their item out, give me a call first.  Never know what I can use next.

UR-TURN:  What are some tips you can share about finding objects to repurpose and reuse in some creative way.

Until Next Time.


"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to keep, and a time to throw away;"  Ecclesiastes 3:1, 6


  1. Nice job! Very creative.

  2. Thank you for visiting the site and commenting. Welcome anytime.



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