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"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."Colossians 3:23


HEALING ART SKETCHBOOK-Day 4 (Back Porch Montage)

Day 4 (Back Port Montage) flowers, Solomon, coffee cup and sketching tools

I see I incorrectly numbered yesterday and Today's sketch by one day.  Guess I need to check the dates more closely.

Anyway, my daily sketching prompt today was a cup.  So I decided to not only sketch my coffee cup but thing surrounding it like my flowers, chocolate lab-Solomon, and sketching pouch with pens inside.

After looking at this sketch and a comment my oldest daughter made, I realized Solomon was drawn a little too chunky.  Now his sister, Sheba is really the chunkier of the two.  These are twin brother and sister labs that I rescued 4 years ago.  Solomon is like my shadow following me everywhere.
Until Next Time.


DAY 3: Knitting Basket

Today, I decided to sketch my knitting basket that holds a knitting project I began a few weeks ago. Last summer I bought a few skeins of yarn while I was in Paris as an Art student on a Study Abroad trip.  I didn't buy much because I was so limited in what I could carry on our daily site-seeing excursions.

Only having two skeins made it difficult when it came time to decide what to knit.  Then one day about 3 weeks ago I found this pattern created by a woman on vacation in Paris who was there around the same time and used her Paris find to created this little off the shoulder wrap.

The sketching marker that was supposed to be black, but it came out more brownish. Strange how certain pens react on paper.
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Today's sketching prompt taken from Danny Gregory's Every Day Matters.

DAY 2: Lamps

I decided to use three lamps I use in my den area and draw them from different perspectives: looking up, looking down and more eye level.  Also, using a brush tip marker, ball point pen and some colored pencil.  The brush tip markers seem awkward to me so need the practice.

As I was drawing the song lyrics from "Let It Shine," kept popping into my head, "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine."

The little blue country Victorian house accent lamp has been a favorite of mine since I spied it in 1990 at a quaint shop in Old Town Spring, Texas.
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I am finding myself once again in a restless state as I heal from a surgical procedure that has stopped me in my tracks.  One week ago, I had to have a defibrillator implanted due to serious heart problems. 

So in search of some activity to quietly occupy my day and help me deal with these life changes,  has led me to begin this Healing Art Sketchbook.  Also, I hope to tackle my desire to create the lifelong discipline of daily sketching.

The First Entry
DAY 1: Hiking boots and wool socks

These items belong to my husband. E.T.  When he came home last evening from his regular walk with our two chocolate labs, (Solomon and Sheba) and was taking off his shoes, I knew, these shoes would be perfect to begin this sketching project in the morning.

Seeing my husband wear these brings me comfort because they are a symbolic part of our life which is constant and good.

Until Next Time.




As an art student I am always looking for new ways to incorporate a skill or craft to make a mixed media piece.  So this week, Helen Belcher-Education Curator, at the Sam Houston Museum and Learning Center, was gracious enough to teach me all about Plant Pounding.

Helen had shown me some of the pieces she had finished using some of the botanical plant matter off of the Museum grounds and they were wonderful.  I was intrigued by the thought of being able to capture the essence of these plants by pounding the dye out of their petals and leaves.

Helen's 1st assignment,
go collect fresh plant leaves and flowers
Now it was time to Pound.
Separating the petals and leaves came next.
2" masking tape was added to cover those pieces.
The really fun part, Pounding away.
A great way to relieve frustration and
Make some beautiful art.
Helen suggested using a clear sheet protector
 to stick the plants onto after they were pounded.
A great reference guide for drawing later.
Here it is, our test sample on Muslin.
I love how it looks.

A helpful book about this process.

For more detailed information, here is a wonderful PDF you can download and use as a tutorial.    How to Flower Pound PDF

UR-TURN:  Do you have any favorite ways to preserve or use botanicals for art?  If so, please share.

Until Next Time.

(Crochet) How To - Crochet Tunisian Simple Stitch and Knit Stitch

I walked into my Botany Lecture class and the Math class that meets before us was just finishing.  To my surprise the Teaching Assistant, Justin, was gathering up his personal items, with one of those items catching my attention. 

Personally I do not know very many men that crochet, and boy he could crochet.  He was working on a beautiful baby blanket and those stitches were so uniform and wonderfully done.

As a result, we struck up a nice conversation about knitting vs. crochet.  Personally I have always been drawn more to knitting, I like the way the stitches look.  To me many crochet patterns look too kitschy.

That is why his stitching caught my eye, this particular crochet stitch not only looks like a knitted stitch, it is made in very similar way to a knitted one. 

As soon as I got home, I looked up a instructional video and found this one from the UK.  With a new grandbaby on the way, due in March, I will have to definitely have to get busy and try my hand at learning this crochet stitch.

To help you get started here is a link for:

Here is a link to Amazon to buy a set, they are under $6.
Multicolour-Aluminum-TUNISIAN-Crochet-Needles Set


UR-TURN:  Do you know of any other crochet stitches that look like they are knitted?  If so, please share.  Would love to know about them.

Until Next Time.


A Helpful A-Z Guide to Painting with Watercolors

I have been on the search for helpful material to share with my readers.  I ran across this article from the UK on using watercolor that is very informative whether you are a beginner or just needing a brush-up on your skills.

Artist and Illustrators a-z-of-watercolour-techniques

UR-TURN:   Write me a comment: Once again was this article helpful and how?  I am using my watercolors outdoors these days in a Botanical Research project, you can go to my blog to learn more:
Love to hear what are you currently working on in the area of watercolor or anything else art related.  Happy Painting.

Until Next Time.



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