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Remodeling Creative Space in Art Studio

This summer break was amazing, tiring, fast, busy, you name it.  It also was a time to remodel one area in particular in my art studio.  As I am now entering into my Senior year at SHSU as an art student I need more storage and countertop room to work on my projects.  So I decided to challenge myself to see how close to Zero $ I could get and do this project.

First I looked around at the existing furniture with new eyes, seeing the individual parts and what I could repurpose for my new workstation.  Then I looked around my wood stash, barn, bedrooms you name it to see if there was fodder for this project.  That is always a satisfying process for me, makes me realize how many times I already have what I need.

I did have to buy some spray paint and wanted to embellish the drawers with some cute drawer knobs, but I did wait until they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  The only real expense was a set of wire storage cubes, $15.  I did not assemble them like the instructions, but used an idea I found on Pinterest to make a storage unit for my decorative papers.  

The desk area then cost me: $10 for knobs, and $5 for spray paint.
The wood on top of the desk is very special.  It is 80 years old.  My husband's grandfather used it to build his sons a bunk bed set and my husband and his brothers used it too.  

I cut down a tall chest of drawers to make the under table storage unit.
 Cut apart an old student desk keeping the cubicle and board for more countertop area.

Here is the 80 year old wood top spray painted and sanded.
 Used the base of an old office desk.

Repainted pieces and everything matches.
Feels fresh and clean.
Ready for the new semester which begins tomorrow, Thursday, August 28th.

UR-TURN: Share what DIY projects you intended to complete or did complete during the summer months.  Also, love to hear your helpful money savings or construction tips.

Until Next Time.


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