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"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."Colossians 3:23



As I promised earlier in one of my previous post, I am about to explain my artwork entitled, "Torn."

This art piece was my first attempt in using paper and objects to tell a story in an abstract collage/assemblage style.  I tried to make each strip from a distance look like a piece of fabric, but when coming closer would look like a scrapbook page with hidden messages.

The layout of this piece revolves around the Log Cabin quilting square.  This is because my story began in 1997 while working on this quilt.  As you can see the Log Cabin square is constructed slightly different than one might expect.  The square is slightly off center representing where my heart would be in my body and the strips are not together, but separated by a gap of torn fabric that is restitched together.  This signifies my left main artery and branches downward tearing and being sutured up in open-heart surgery.

In a Log Cabin square one side usually has darker shades of color than the other.  The bottom right side of this piece exhibits the lighter colors and represents the more positive emotions experienced during this time.  The top left side of this piece show the darker colors and more negative emotions.

*The center square has a key hole with a key dangling just outside.  This is to invite the viewer to investigate and discover the hidden story.  
*The first strips represent the love I felt and received and opposing anger and frustration.
*Next, is the confusion about what was happening with my health and in contrast to the peace I received in exercising my Christian faith.  
*The woven piece uses photos taken from a community fund-raiser held for my medical expenses.  Showing when strangers come together as a united front we form a strong community.  On the other hand, even though in life we may be walking side by side as in strips of paper, we lack cohesiveness.  
*The outside right side used torn pieces of prayer cards sent to me during my illness.  Signifying hope and God's answered prayers.  The blue drops of glass are my tears of sadness falling.  
*The very top piece with the Fall leaves signifies the season I first went into the hospital and the very bottom piece was the last time on Valentines Day.

Always welcome to send me comments or questions.

Until next time.

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