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"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."Colossians 3:23


Figure Drawing I-First Homework Assignment (Female Pelvic Bone)

The Fall semester at Sam Houston State University began last Wednesday.

One of my classes is Figure Drawing I.  One of the homework assignments was to draw a human bone.

I decided to try the female pelvic bone.  Here are the 3 phases of this graphite drawing on my 14" x 17" sketch pad.  The sketching pencils I used were: 2H, 4H, 6H, 8H 2B, 4B, 6B, & 8B.  To smooth lines in the shading areas, I used a paper tortillion and shammy cloth.

First Phase
Half way through Drawing

Final phase

HELPFUL HINTS:  Graphite pencil is messy and it is hard to keep your paper clean while working on your art.  To keep your hand from spreading the lead where you don't want it, try using the either the front or back of a spiral notebook.  I found and inexpensive notebook with a plastic cover on the front.  I took it off the notebook and place it under my drawing hand and I go.  Also, if you will work from left to right and top to bottom this method cuts down on the smudges. A HAKE paintbrush or draftsman brush can wisk away the erasers residue and tilt your working surface so gravity will pull them down and away from your art.   Lastly, spray a good coating of  Matte Workable Fixative.

UR-TURN:  When using Graphite Pencil, what helps you not smudge the drawing while you work?

Until next time.



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  2. Thank you. Always glad when I can help a fellow artist.



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