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"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."Colossians 3:23


Never Enough

Time.  Money.  Space. These are areas I seem to endlessly struggle with, finding enough whatever to draw, paint, create pieces of art.  Never fails that I get a great idea for a piece of art right when my schedule is already too crammed with things to do, or not the resources etc.

So I decided a couple of years ago to quit making personal excuses and look at my situation differently.  Instead of what I didn't have at the moment, what did I have.

Reading about what other artist do always gives me inspiration.  I jumped right in there by making little portable studio kits.  I have them stashed everywhere.  In my car, purse, and even hanging by the back door.  

These little mini studio kits are as simple as a pencil, pen and a sketchbook to more complicated with binoculars, watercolor kits, colored pencils, rulers, sunscreen, you name it.  Anything I think I can comfortably take with me in a moments notice and satisfy my artistic needs.  Even when I only have 5 minutes or so of free time.

Last weekend my husband and I needed to make a visit to see his mother.  Perfect for me to take advantage of a sketching session.  Walked right in my mother-in-laws back yard and spotted Magnolia seed pods.  They were really funky looking and had interesting characteristics.

Found Magnolia seed pod
So while he mowed her lawn, I pulled out my sketchbook with only a pencil and marker.  Simple tools.  While chatting was able to relax and draw.  Didn't take much time maybe 15-20 minutes, but this made the day a little more special.  Now I have something tangible, artistic to remind me of our visit and calmed that artist itch at the same time.

A simple mini studio/sketch kit
Pencils/Pens and Sketchbook

HELPFUL HINTS:  Buy mixed media paper sketchbook pads.  That way you can watercolor, draw, use markers whatever your heart desires without having to keep track of multiple sketchbooks.

UR-TURN:  What was the subject of your last sketch?  

Until Next Time.


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