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Figure Drawing I

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am reading my new American Artist Drawing magazine.  I haven't had this subscription in some time and yes, I am hooked once again.

There is a plethora of information that I can use in my Figure Drawing I class starting next week for the Fall semester.

Two articles immediately catch my attention: "A Many-Sided Approach to The Figure," and "How to Find Form."  

The first one gives 10 Directives on Proportion

1-Linear Extension: They are the key lines that can not only be seen but also extend and pass into other regions of the design.
2- Fixed & Variable Coordinates: Fix certain spots at the beginning of the drawing process so your figure wont' become distorted and not fit on the page.
3-Environment:  Anything that surrounds the model.
4-Notional Space:  The imagined rectangle that encloses the model.
5-Draw First, Measure Second:  Use measuring marks only to support your drawing, draw naturally and trust your instincts.
6-Halfway Mark:  Don't just concentrate on one proportional part of the body.  If you have to take a measurement its is better to end up with two half pieces than many.
7-Plumb Line:  Use plumb lines strategically with other tools.  Horizontal and vertical lines can help with accuracy,
8-2 Point Measurement:  It is the length between two points, as a standard against which to measure other parts of the figure.
9-3 Point Measurement:  Identifies major and minor points and compares triangles and angles against one another.
10-Major Anatomical Landmarks:  Use anatomical knowledge with all the other tools in helping you recognize how the body positions itself in space.

HELPFUL TIP:  I know drawing the human form and making it look like a real person can be overwhelming.  I find it not so intimidating if I just practice on one part of the body first and apply these principles.  Using your own body is a great model and it won't bother anyone else if the drawings look a little awkward at first.

Until Next Time.


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