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"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."Colossians 3:23


After Remodeling: Photos-Jot & Tittle Artworks Studio

Front of art studio bldg.
This is a work station for building, painting.  I used the top of an old office desk and the shell of a dresser.  Added rollers with brakes on the bottom.  Took some spray paint to refinish the top.  Added scraps of wood from the dresser and other wood scraps to create shelves and dividers for my paper, canvases, journals you name it.
Another view along with some of my own artwork

Seating area

Sewing area

Drafting/Drawing area.
 Love looking outside the window at the birds and flowers I have in my patio containers.

It was a long, hard month to finish cleaning, painting and organizing my art studio, but well worth it.  Now I have work areas specific to my creative needs.  The house last semester was full of cardboard boxes used for a project, saw horses, you name it.  My husband was a good sport about it all.  Didn't want to press my luck so it was time to find a new, bigger space before school started up in the Fall.

In the Comment section, share what your art space is like or what you dream it will be one day.

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