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"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."Colossians 3:23




First we had to write why we chose our subject, how we tacked creating the artwork etc... here are my answers:

Final Project

Laurie Grawl


I have decided to try and really stretch my artistic skills in this piece, incorporate all that I have learned in this course and go beyond by adding color. I chose a native wildflower growing by my front driveway, the Indian Blanket. I love the contrast of warm color tones on the petals against the green in the leaves.

In the coolness of the morning I cut the flowers hoping to preserve their freshness for as long as I could. First I placed them in a vase then transferred the flowers to a florist tube to be placed in a device that my photographer husband bought, to help hold plants in the field straight against any wind movement. It has a very movable, flexible arm so I can position my still life inside without any problems.

After I play with the light source and decide on using a mid level side light positioned on the left of the flowers, but there is a little of my work light that reflects on the subject’s right side too. I decide to try something I just recently read in an art magazine, for colored pencil an artist preferred using the wrong side of the Arches 140# watercolor paper to paint. I have found out that I really do best drawing directly onto the substrate instead of making a primary drawing then transferring it later. Once I lightly drew the subject with a #2H pencil, I started alternate between laying graphite pencil and colored pencil.

I usually like to work first by placing in my darkest colors or values to start defining the shapes, making the drawing or painting more dimensional. I wasn’t sure how long the flowers would last so I tried to paint them first, then the leaves and lastly the dried seed heads.

The whole process took about 8 hours to complete with several breaks. I overall really enjoy using color in my work, graphite or pen and ink alone are my most favorite ways to capture a subject. I was encouraged by my husband and daughter’s reaction to the work. My daughter’s both want the artwork, so I guess making copies of the original will solve this problem. My goals will include continuing to practice using some of the same techniques only experimenting with some new silk paper samples I just received. I would like to eventually complete a series of Texas wildflower paintings.




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    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment
      Glad you enjoy the drawing.

  2. I loved the way in which I could see your progrss frm one week to the next. I am thinking about enrolling in this class and your web page has been a great help. Your final drawing was amazing.



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