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BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION I: Basic Drawing Techniques (My Experiences)-Part II

I have just finished reading our first required assignment in our art book. To my surprise learned some valuable insights and tips. One didn't realize how plants have been inspired more than just artist, like musicians, writers and singers. I also learned something about the author that I can relate to her experience, she was torn as a young person deciding what type of artist to become. She thought about architecture, but later found herself in Botanical Illustration. When I was a high school student had a love of art and science. I not knowing about Botanical Illustration ended up taking Interior Design as my course of study, but think if I would have been exposed to the other art discipline would have gone that route.
Didn't realize, even as a gardener, how much more I will need to pay attention to the life cycles of plants. Can't depict accurately a flower if it is wilted and/or dead. Learned some creative ways to capture the plant and keep it alive in my studio while I draw.
It was good to review the different properties of graphite pencils, colored pencils, watercolor and other materials we will be using. Did learn a very useful tip in making my own graphite tracing paper, don't know why I have never run across the information before, but definitely will use this very economical and easy idea in my studio.
Even though I am not new to using colored pencils, learned a new tip in burnishing that will try.
Also, always of interest to me the color palette choices and products each artist uses to fit their own unique personality. This time I am happy to report, I do believe we are on the same page, so no major investment of paints and pencils, yeah!

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