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"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."Colossians 3:23


BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION I: Basic Drawing Techniques (My Experiences)-part 1

It is so exciting to finally begin my study online at Cornell University.  I will be enrolled in this beginners course from June 7th- July 25th.  Right now having to understand the course website and search engine called Moodle.  Only problem so far is cant seem to upload a jpg to the professor, so when the Memorial Day holiday is over the Site Administrator, IT person will have to help.

Have already completed my first assignment of introducting myself to the other students, and changing my profile picture.

Now on to reading, "Beautiful Botanicals, Painting and drawing flowers and plants," by Bente Starcke King.  We are to read  the introduction: For the Love of Plants, and learn about our Materials.  I also ordered the additional reading material yesterday, "The Sierra Clubs book on Nature Sketching."  Cant wait to get the book in the mail.  Guess we all never lose the love of looking for something arriving in the mailbox, with just our name on it.  Like Christmas in June.

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  1. I have just ordered the book by B King after looking through it on Amazon, will have to wait as it takes 3 weeks to get to the UK and I could only find a second hand on in the US, but can,t wait I have some of her DVD's and I find her style very good, she is sadly missed.




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