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"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."Colossians 3:23


Self Expression Collage Mixed Media Online Group Art Project-Step #4

Congratulations you are more than half way finished with this project and having a completed piece of art.

Materials List:

Matte Medium or Modge Podge
Paper Towels
More Found Objects/Paper
Waterproof Pens
Acrylic Paint
Stamping Ink/Chalk

7)  Double check the Blue Painter's Tape covering those images you want to preserve from the first layers you laid down.  Now add more materials of your choice using your Matte Medium and Paintbrushes.  I used netting, stitch witchery tape, luggage tags, paper, crumpled up tissue paper just to name a few things.  

8)  Now add some more water down acrylic paint, ink spray, even more Gesso to cover up some of the layer you just glued down.  I used Alizarin Crimson and Walnut Spray Ink.  

I love how the texture of the netting is showing through the acrylic paint and the tissue paper is also nice.

9)  I then took some Chalk Ink and stamped around the edges of the canvas.

10)  Time to take off the Blue Painter's Tape, don't worry if some of the paper comes off.  Make sure that all of the glue and paint is completely dry before proceeding.  Once everything is dry then find areas to peel off some of the layers.  Just enough to add some interest.  Don't throw away those pieces you pulled off, just find other areas and re-glue them down again.

11)  Then continue to add ink, pastels, more acrylic.  

12)  Onto the self portrait image.  For my concept I drew my face by looking in a mirror and not at the paper.  This is called a Blind Contour Drawing.  I used a waterproof Sharpie Pen on Strathmore Drawing Paper.

13)  Now on to the finishing touches.  I cut out my self portrait and gathered more Found Objects that would be on the top layer.  These have important meanings and this is why they are on top and will not be covered by other layers or paint.

14)  Don't forget to paint the sides of the canvas too.  This makes a more professional appearance.

Here is my Finished Piece:

"Is It Hot In Here, or Is It Just Me?"

I am struggling with a recent health issue, Menopause, so decided to use my frustration and the uncomfortable symptoms to create this piece.  I needed to process this part of growing older.  That is why my face is not drawn in a traditional way.  I feel out of sorts and used a Sharpie marker to draw with because it is permanent and so is aging.  The clear piece of paper over my face is to show that I feel foggy headed, can't concentrate or remember things very well.  Other objects and even the colors I used, especially red (for the heat generated by my numerous Hot Flashes) has special meaning too.  Have to admit making this piece was therapeutic.

HELPFUL HINTS:  If this is your first piece of collage/assemblage do not be discouraged if your art looks different than you imagined.  This type of art is I think more about fun experimental processes over being fussy and controlling the final outcome.

UR-TURN:  What was the most fun/frustrating for you in making your art?  Also what did you discover about yourself?  What was your inspiration?  Feel free to post pictures of your art too.

Until Next Time.

Many Blessings,
"There, beloved, lies your crown.  May God help you overcome and sometime wear it."  Revelations 11:16

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