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"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."Colossians 3:23


Week 4 Journal Entry Botanical Illustration Course

In this entry we were to describe if we have had a break-through in our art experiences. What they were.
As a "type A" personality my 'aha!' moment came just recently when learning not to stress out over creating a piece of artwork. My personality can have its' drawbacks, one of which is when feeling your artistic skills are incompetent finding the resolve to resist the urge to overwork a piece of artwork. Usually in trying to get perfection I end up instead destroying the fluidity and freshness of the art. I think in my insecurities as a new artist, I wasn't sure when the piece was finished. Also I naturally have a very loose boldness in my work, but others in my local art group did not and thought maybe I need to be more refined or finished.
I would feel very self-conscious about my abilities to paint and draw in front of these more accomplished artists. I became so anxious before my workshops that I was beginning not to want to attend. So I decided "not to care." What I mean by this is that I checked my ego at the door letting compliments or criticisms not affect me and instead decided to enjoy the process of painting or drawing just letting the art piece become whatever it turned out to be, not comparing my skill level to others. I just needed to put my thoughts and feelings back into perspective. It worked! Once I began doing this mental exercise before doing any type of artwork, fear and anxiety left. Then joy and peace returned in its' place making my precious time I set aside to grow in my art once again an enjoyable experience.

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